Dr.He Ming


rofessor He Ming is a professor of the PLA university of science and technology, a supervisor of postgraduates and postdoctors in the 61st research institute of the PLA. He has been engaged in Internet plus, big data, public security and other fields of teaching and researching work for a long time. Professor He has been served as deputy director of the Jiangsu public security emergency control and Command Engineering Technology Research Center, and also has been serving as the director of the Jiangsu provincial computer society and deputy director of the youth work committee. He is a member of Expert Committee of the Ministry of public security, mobile police information project acceptance of the State of housing experts, Jiangsu Provincial Department of science and technology consulting expert, one of the young academic technology leaders of ‘333 Talents Project’ in Jiangsu province. He has published hundreds of articles, written 4 academic monographs, translated one work; and he is the editor of 5 Standard Specifications. He won the provincial science and Technology Progress Award for 10 times, and has been awarded the ‘third-class merits’ for twice.


Dr.Huang Qian


r. Huang Qian is now a senior member of China computer society, Jiangsu Province Institute of computer cloud computing Committee, and has chaired or participated in the National Natural Science Fund in three projects. She has published nearly 20 academic papers in well-known international journals and International Conferences. And she has applied for more than ten national invention patents, two American invention patents, and has also translated four works, participated in the edition of two books. Dr. Huang has repeatedly been invited to serve as a peer reviewer for international journals for “IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology”. Her research interests include: multimedia data processing, cloud computing, machine learning.


Dr.Liu JingTao


r. Jingtao Liu, starter of Yike Robotics Lab and a member of AI council, has focused on unmanned aerial vehicle, invented UAV system able to adjust formation and motorization, developed an aerial robot software system with SLAM. 2 patents, 2 applied new patents, 1 book published, 6 books translated and arranged ( 4 of them is the first writer), 16 essays published with 6 EI. In 2014, as technical cooperator, he joined UAV entrepreneurship and now he is the consultants of several UAV and Robot companies. In 2016, he hosted robot system, ROS, and related training courses, one of which is “Star & Fire Plan” ROS public course. He designed and edited the first completed ROS course in China. Until now, this course has been held and used in over 20 Universities. In August 2015, a report on "bionic drones" was held at the China Intelligent Industry Summit Forum held by the AI society. In May 2016, at the China open source UAV co - operation conference at Beihang University, the UAV from robot to robot was made.


Dr.Deng XiangYang


iangYang Deng, Ph. D., is the lecturer of the National Aeronautics Research Institute, a scholar of Taishan, a cadre of posts in the field of posts, a member of the Yi Cheng Robotics Laboratory. His research interests include large data, machine intelligence, methods and applications. Over the years, he presided over and participated in major scientific research projects, won the provincial science and technology progress prize 3, third-prize 2, published a monograph on the field of swarm intelligence, published academic papers, 6 papers indexed by SCI/EI, and applied for 7 patents, won 3 software copyrights. Right now he mainly focused on research in depth study and application.


Dr.Lin YuanShan


r.YuanShan Lin, graduated in Dalian University of Technology, now is served as instructor in Computer Science Department of Dalian Ocean University and also a member in Yike Robot Lab. His specialization is Robot Route Planning, simulated reality and Artificial Intelligence. During recent years, he hosted national natural science foundation, Postdoc science foundation, Natural Science foundation of Liaoning Province and other 6 foundations. He served as primary person in the group which complete 5 projects on province level and city level. As the technical officer starting 6 projects cooperating between companies, he developed giant three-dimensional simulated reality platform which is widely in practice in China Sinopec Group, NOOC and XCMG. 2 patents, 6 software copyrights one of which is evaluated as international leading, two silver prize of Dalian technical progress, one bronze prize of technical progress in China Sinopec Group. Vice-editor of “computer operating system”. Over 20 essays published as the first writer, with 5 SCIs, 8 EIs, 2 essay with the first-prize of Natural Science Academic achievement. Recently, he focuses on Deep Learning and its application.

... Vice Deputy chief Designer

Zhu Chaozheng is the Deputy chief designer of Robotics. He completed his undergraduate course at Hohai University. And now He is a graduate student in a technical university. With more than 4 years of experience in robot related research and development, he is good at basic language programming and has some knowledge of hardware and software. His research interests include instant localization and map building (SLAM), machine vision, and team researchers.

Zhu ChaoZheng

... Vice Deputy chief Designer

Ren Baosen is now studying as a graduate student in Electrical engineering, Qingdao University and is responsible for team robotics and embedded work.

Ren BaoSen

... Hardware Engineer

Sun Tong is a Hardware Engineer with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communication engineering in Hohai University. Now as an engineer in Shanghai GPU design company and BlackAnt, He is responsible for the design of robot hardware now.

Sun Tong

... Embedded development engineer

Chen Pan is an Embedded development engineer and now studying as an undergraduate student in Hohai University. He is good at SCM development and responsible for the bottom of the development of hardware, is currently responsible for UVA now.

Chen Pan

... Financial account

Cao Jianhao, Hohai University undergraduate course, takes charge of logistics and financial management, to facilitate the work of other students.

Cao JianHao

... Embedded development engineer

Gu GuoQiang, College of communication engineering Hohai University third, served as the national innovation and entrepreneurship training for people, He won the second-prize in electronic design contest in Jiangsu Province, another second-prize in the National College NXP cup smart car competition in East China area and other awards.

Gu GuoQiang

... Software Engineer

Li Han is a software engineer and an undergraduate student in cognitive science, at University of California San Diego. This is his first time involved in computer programming. He is now in charge of Web front-end development at the laboratory.

Li Han

... Embedded development engineer

Li Haofei, Embedded development engineer, is now studying as an undergraduate student in Hohai University and responsible for UAV related debugging work, the declaration of intellectual property rights in the team.

Li HaoFei

... Web engineer

Liao Jingya is a software engineer interested in studying data. She is now studying as an undergraduate student in Hohai University and responsible for the development of robot web system.

Liao JingYa

... Software Engineer

Peng Shouheng, software engineer and an undergraduate student of Hohai University, is Vice Minister of the Association for computer science and technology, Hohai University. He also is served as a back-end Engineer for each cultural media company limited. And now he is responsible for Android end development in the lab.

Peng ShouHeng

... Embedded development engineer

Sun Kang, embedded development engineer and an undergraduate student in Hohai University. He is responsible for STM32 development at the bottom of the hardware. At present, he is mainly responsible for the second generation of track robot restoration and improvement work.

Sun Kang

... Embedded development engineer

Xu Nuo, undergraduate student, does well in data visualization and MATLAB and primarily responsible for optimization and publication of essay.

Xu Nuo

... Software Engineer

Wang Zhao, software engineer and undergraduate student from Hohai University, served as the back-end engineer of per person culture media company limited and the Minister of Computer Association of Hohai University. He is now in charge of WEB front-end and software backend development in the lab.

Wang Zhao

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